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Monday, May 19, 2008 @ 5:31 PM
I feel helpless .

currently I'm at my aunt's house ,using my uncle's laptop to blogging .
I don't know why can't connect my msn .
soooo bad .
today morning went learn car at Bangi .
tomorrow will take my car exam ,pray hard .
and I just had my breakfast plus my lunch .uh
hell yea,I felt bad just now .
you must think properly before you do or decide something .
if not you will regret that what you have done .
I also don't know what should I blog ._.
where is my heart .
where is my love .
I don't know ,
you don't know too .
I cried everyday ,cried so badly .
Cried until my eyes become like a goldfish's eyes .
you never know .
Don't you know I love you so much and so much ?
you never know .
Don't you know what you've done to me ?
you never know .
I'm pretending everyday ,my smiles,my mood,my love .
I lost your love .
I lost everything .
you're hard to hold but I can't let you go .
*fotos of yesterday will be upload soon.

fotos update :

my uncle's laptop ,
window vista . so cute right ?I know I'm lame.haha.

my sista enjoying her massage xD

oh oh ,her weight more than me ! LOL .

these were pichas of Hero and Akira .
morning they went my popo house .

Akira was wearing Hero's Hawaii Tee.

cute dou x)

he was so leng zhai !!
haha .

remember pray hard for me .
I hope tomorrow all things are fine .
oh oh , tomorrow also college's orientation .
my cousin sister said must go ._. cause need choose your own group.LOL.
nevermind ,I already ask her friend ganti me . hahah .
is she clever ? xD

[edited 11.10 pm]
just now my aunt called me ,she asked me got feel earth quake or not .
O.O my uncle told her Puchong there got peoples felt earth quake .
woooot .


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