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Friday, May 02, 2008 @ 11:21 AM
I'm too tired ,really don't feel like want wake up and work .
my right hand is pain ,maybe cause by bowling ?
I want play bowl again ,its make me feel better .
I'm lost my mind ,really lost .
Who can tell me what should I do now ,
I feel helpless .
Oh, baby,please clear your mind .
I'm worried about you .

Friends .
What is meaning of a friend ?
Is it important for us to find a friend or group of friends ?
Friends .
What can they do for you ?
Is it hard to find a true friend ?
Is it all friends are treat you with their truly heart ?
One of my friend told me :
'A friend , talk nicer is helping each other,if talk on other way,is using each other .'
*translate to Cantonese ,my translation is bad*

I love RICOLA Fresh Pearl ,Swiss Herbal Mint.
rm6.88 for 2 boxes :)

Remember when we scratched our names into the sand,

And told me you loved me.
But now that I find that you've changed your mind,
I'm lost for words,
And everything I feel for you,
I wrote down on one piece of paper,
The one in your hand,you won't understand,
How much it hurts to let you go.
Too close for comfort / McFly .



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