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Sunday, May 04, 2008 @ 11:38 AM
Later will going to Midvalley with PeiLing .
Feel very sien to blog :X why har ?
Too many things happened on these two weeks ,
I also don't know what will be the next to happen .
oh my god .
I think I sudah kena heart attack ,
my heart beating very fast when I'm woke up ,
until can't get back sleep again :(
macam very gen zheung :S
I should must change my attitude start from now ,
can't be so dependence ,and need to change my temper.
I have a friend told me many things ,
really feel sorry to somebody .
I don't know I have such sucks personality.
I'm so sorry .
You say you didn't mean to break,
My heart but girl you did,
But I'm over it.
I did to you and all your games ,
All your crazy friends,This is the end .

Hold on tight,Its a roller coaster ride we're on,
So say goodbye,Cause we won't be back again.
Up and down,You're all around,
Say goodnight and goodbye.
Goodnight and goodbye / Jonas Brother


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