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Sunday, May 18, 2008 @ 11:06 PM
Maybe we're trying
Trying too hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing
Is beating our hearts
We're empty
Empty / The Click Five.

shopping really can makes me feel happy .
went Sg Wang and Pavillion with PeiLing .
walked until our legs wan patah jor .
I love Pavillion , oh my god .
I bought my Bilabong bag :D
happy ~
and and ,first time I went into Juicy Couture .
Oh god ,their stuffs were gorgeous !
PeiLing bought 2 shoes and 1 Tee .
I bought 1 bag adn 1 Tee .
I want buy Oreef shoe ,Rm 90 . week go again.
today not enough time walk all lor .
mummy scold me already ,walked until so late.
aiks .
tomorrow continue blogging .
good night .
oh, just now his mum call me from Taiwan .
all we need is time .

fotos update :

tried our clothes in FOREVER 21 ! :D

student look Tee .

nice nice ?:)

me : Rm 69 ,PeiLing : Rm89

I didn't buy it .no money .haha

my doggie got his new cloths ;D
hawaii look .

he is soooo cute !

and mummy bought fishie AGAIN.
last time she bought that 2 fishie already dead .
and now she bought 8 fishie. EIGHT !
all add up ,my house got 14 fishie.LOL.

fishie fishie .

end .


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