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Monday, May 05, 2008 @ 11:52 AM

My good friend ,VeeLoon is leaving from KL to Johor on this afternoon.
currently he working at Johor , and he took few days holidays for coming back on last Wednesday.
I miss him so muchie !
he get tall again ._. I think now he already have 186+ cm ?
Thanks for accompany me this few days :D
Yesterday night went Serdang Gasoline yam-cha with friends ,
its bored / no mood .
Just king-gai with others 3 friends - VeeLoon,PeiLing and YiZhen .
That stupid Ah Vern keep playing with the others 2 girls bitches :(
hmph ! I jealous jor .
and something happened on yesterday night ):
but its over .
now I'm very super extremely happy :D
I Loveeeeee you !

and and ,me and PeiLing watched Slit Mouthed Woman at Midvalley yesterday .
it may bored because it is Japan Ghost movie ,
but it also damn scared geh ,
since I saw PeiLing was ditutup mata by her scaft D:
hahahah .

Slit Mouthed Woman posta .

anyway ,
take care dude !
must oways come back to KL yo ! :D
Really got little bit bu she de you leaving><

today is mummy's day ? @@

You left without a single word,
Not even sorry.
It might have hurt worse to hear you say,
I'm leaving ,goodbye.
But your smile still makes my heart sing,
Another sad song.
I can't forget it,Won’t regret it
Cause I'm still in love with you.
Still in Love with you / Jonas Brother


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