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Friday, August 15, 2008 @ 6:06 PM
Date : 15/8/08
Place : Sungai Wang

Just came back from Sungai Wang,
not enough time to shop Timesquare :\
cuz need to rush back for fetch my sis on 4pm.
I want go Sunway loh ,when got time huh ?

here's the pictures of today :D

Remember tie your seat belt oh ;)
before going to Sungai Wang .

we shop til very tired loh,
11am reach there and start shopping,
just shop 6th floor of Sg wang already very tired,
all because of carrying these stuffs !

oh my god. bought sooo many things :X :D
4 pairs of shoes,3 coca-cola for my mummy collections,
1 dress,1 bag,1 belt,3 Tees,2 pants,1 jacket etc :S

guess how much we spend on today ?
RM 400 ++ !

these are my things :P

Pink colour shoes :D of cuz not Converse geh.
I no money buy Converse :\

Cher bag. I love this bag so much loh :D

Love love jacket with the little two ears xD
can your see that ears? pink and yellow colour geh.
so cute right ?

guess what is it ?
a hotdog ?

nooo ~ it is a lighter ! mehhhh XD
I bought this for baby ;P
cute mah.

and and,here the stuffs I bought when I went to Serdang .

actually I also don't know why I want bought these thiggy stuffs :/

3 pairs RM10 ! la..
my ear rings(still have one little box of ear rings :S)
the newest ear rings that I bought was the ice cream ear rings :D
cute dou .....

today badminton who match who ?
I want watch lah XP
hmphs !


who-hoo, Malaysia Lee Chong Wei is super duper geng !
haha. although I don't have Tv give me watch but I still can be updated.
go go go Malaysia !

tomorrow need wake up super early - 6.45am
T.T still need work also.
crying like a child .


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