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Monday, September 29, 2008 @ 11:09 PM
Shopping day !
headed to Sunway Pyramid with friends,Yin Huei and Pei Ling,as we planned.

really long time didn't come Sunway jor lor.(actually few months only)
so big la Sunway,
walked almost 8 hours also can't finish walk all shops.

Let's the pictures tell you all about today .

ya meh ?
@@ I wonder what is this message's mean.

3 ji mui. haha.

Pei Ling is soooo sexy XD

this toilet hor. very ''orange'' .
all pictures that took in this toilet also become orange colour wan._.

me :)

Sexy right ? she is available o :P

nah.. sensored already la.hahah..

how can I be sexy like her ar?
tell me la tell me la.

these ice-cream very nice lor.
look like real one right ?
actually it is fake de.

guess what are these?
.....tissue box !
cute dou..

and and.

our ice cream !
dark choco is Pei Ling de,
Green tea is Yin Huei de,
Strawberry of cuz is mine de.

The ice cream is call Yokomon,Japanese favourite ice-cream :P

all mou sai.

took at the ice cream store.

look weird in this photo -_____-

after finish ice-cream session,went to bought bag,
Pei Ling finally got a decision to buy the bag she like.

after 8 shopping hours, all tired like work jor whole day :S
back home.

look ,what I bought today.
Bra again.

this bra really cute lor, 10 bucks only leh,
Pierre Cardin somemore.
Love Pierre Cardin lingerie :D

all pink colour !
I love the pinko eyelashes curler and the pinko nail colour XD

Etude House ,Korea cosmetic brand.
this shop really very very cute lor ,
the cosmetic stuffs, the shop style even the promoter's uniform also cute.
but then some of the promoter are ''ah qua'' ._.

Wednesday will boooom to Sepang beach !
many people also don't know where is Sepang,
it not a pulau, it just a beach like Port Dickson,
but there don't have any water activities,
just can gorek ''lala'' ,or tangkap udang,crab, and bla bla~

anyway, I love Sepang,and I love '''lala'' !
can eat de ''lala'' la. hahaha.

bye ;)


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