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Monday, September 08, 2008 @ 1:27 PM


It was second subject today.
I was late lor, rush dou me sei har sei har.
It not my fault,it was all the Putra LRT fault !
I reached Masjid Jamek on 8am,many people lining up,
wait until 8.25am just get into the train,
I got exam on 9am,oh my god right?
gen zheung until stomach pain.

Luckily,I'm not the lastest person to get into the examination hall,
haha ;P
some students late for half an hour loh :S

After two hours ,back home by my cousin's boyfriends' car :)

"Cheating Is A Serious Offence,You Can Be Expelled"


Random Pictures for last week.

My uncle punya Golden Retriever
so cute right? x)
he almost same height with me jor.

Tomorrow is my cousin's birthday,
so we celebrate for him earlier which celebrated on yesterday.

We went to Klang and ate Seafood ;D
I ate so many crabs and prawns !!
yummy :P

this is the dessert ,don't know what is it name.
It is Strawberry flavour.
really yummy lor.

Cake from Secret Recipe.
RM 70 ;S

Time to sing birthday song to this little boy !

Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday !

cousins cousins.

The two electrical fans which bought on yesterday.
Cousin,You are now ten ! :D
should be a big boy la. haha.


these 3 cousins brother came my house just now,
and now,they and my sister went to play tennis and squash,
:\ they really can play?


Watched Money No Enough II
cried like hell loh.
I can hear some crying sound in the cinema too.
I wonder why baby won't cry eventho the movie is so touching.
When the popo die,my tears flow like waterfall !

bought this cute little thing when I go Timesquare with Yin Huei last Saturday,
it actually a tissue container loh.

Before take off her bikini and her fake hair/After took off all her stuffs.oopss

so sexy! *whisper*
haha,baby laugh mad when he saw this cute little thing.

Last photo:

Hero new hairstyle xD
so cute so cute ! hahahahahaaaa.


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