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Friday, November 28, 2008 @ 8:34 PM

I'm currently addicted to looking for one piece dress :D
Today went Midvalley which my second home for looking my new outfits.
ZARA,MNG,TOPSHOP,MetroJaya etc etc.
I've tried on many dresses / shirts in different shops.
I think got almost 10 plus :\
but only bought 1 dress which is from Nichii :/
it's chio :D

Zara clothes are super extremely chio !
especially their dress and shoes !
oh my god oh my god !
their price also very chio too .____.
I like one of the Zara dress but no my size,
another one dress also out of my size,
finally I saw one shirt which I love so much and I had tried it out too,
it so suitable for me !
but , its price very expensive and not worth for that cloth, RM199.90 D:

It made from Indonesia also need so expensive meh?
Thats not Indonesia lah, its made from India !
Yala, India also need so expensive ar ?
:\ maybe it is handmade.

Mum / Me

Now I just found out there are many chio clothes in Metro :D
I love Somerset Bay !
their clothes really super chio lor !
I want to buy I want to buy ~~~~

I decided to buy a bag from Lollipops for my birthday present :P

cheers !

New Hamster came to my home ! :DD

Roborovskii hamster :D
so cute ~~
it run very fast even I can't able to catch it !
its a female yo :P
mummy bought it at PetWonderland .

Winter white hamster and Roborovskii Hamster :P

My house is a small zoo now.
I got dog, rabbit, gold fishes, fight-fishes, turtles and hamsters.
what will be the next ?
chip-munks / guinie pig !



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