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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 @ 6:55 PM
13th December 2008

College's coco-day.
As you all know I'm joined Squash,
I'm one of the cheerleader of that day,
with my cheer, scream, our team - Destiny has won the second place :D

the coolest man with ''KRU'' Tee was our Squash teacher.
we wondering is it he like to kao Indian gurl :\

Carrie, Sora and Me :)

It's really fun for us to be cheerleader :D

The next day was the normal day for me to work .

Many people said that I wore very pretty on this day,
really ar? HAHAH. perasan betul.

My new Mascara baby :D
Maybelline punya.
bought from Ebay. Its pink colour !I mean its punya package :P

RM33.90 :]

The seller said it is not available in Asia,
so I bought it.
I haven't use it, I don't know whether it is effective or not.
Many people said that my eyelashes look fake because its too long for normal lashes :P
Maybe I will tell you all my tips for apply mascara :D
Mascara is really a important thing for me .
dont chu ?


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