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Friday, December 19, 2008 @ 12:26 PM
18th December 2008

It's my birthday !
woo-la-la ~
baby brought me to OUG Secret Recipe had our cake on the day before my bufday :)

Choco Banana, our favourite :D

look at baby cutest face d:

Although its my bufday, I need go college as usual.
somemore I have to pass up my assignment on this day.
I rush for my assignment on 17th Dec till midnight ! wtf.

camwhore after lecture class.

me :) Carrie and Sora.
my bestie in college :D

after classes ended, rush to Timesquare meet up with YinHuei.
start our shopping session :D
the first destination was Sg Wang, but we grab nothing :\
both of us bought a Hello Kitty laptop skin to deco our laptop :D

mine ;]
I finally got my laptop on today, as my bufday present from mummy .
Thanks mummy !

after that, we headed to Pavillion.
Forever 21 ,we're coming XD
There are sales everywher.
we even don't know where should we start to walk and grab.
I've tried few dresses ,
comment pls. :P

First dresses, RM61 .

I like this dresses, but Yin Huei said I'm look like a pregnant woman :/

Second, RM 99

I like the lace on the bottom of this dress,
but its colour too dull and not match with my skin colour.

Thirdly, RM 89

I love the pattern of this dress :)
Yin Huei said that this dress is the most cantik between the 3 dresses.
so I bought this dress ,
did I mention before I need to stop shopping? GRRRRR.
we totally exhaust after 6hours of walking .
so back to Sg Wang had some snack then back home.

Night session
Baby and I went to Serdang, Farmland Steamboat Restaurant to have porridge steamboat !

muah muah :P

I look so blur in this pic :S

It's over, my bufday.
Thanks for da wishes from all of you :3
Muacks !
I'm eighteen now !

Anyway, 1 week to X'mas !
any idea for celebration ?


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