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Tuesday, December 09, 2008 @ 8:51 PM
Christmas is around the corner :D
Remember Miss Bibu's big day on 18th Dec yo !

Decoration of Midvalley :)
Theme of Circus. Britney Spears? heheh.

my face is big as a Lollipop :S

cousins and sista :)


I dye my hair :D
I don't know what colour is it :\ choco ?
actually I was chosen Medium Brown Natural Warm.
But don't know why its not the colour that I saw from the colour book :/

I look damn mature now D:

U look older than last time ,dun have the kids look edi.
U look so mature now .


went to Timesquare with mum and sis after class.

Kindori - Green Kiwi flavour :D

then first time tried the BBQ Plaza.
Green Dinosaur is so cute. haha

Sotong :]

This is the decoration of Timesquare .
almost same with last year , hmmm :\

finally I bought BB Cream from Etude House,
every time I go find also out of stock :|

I already bought all of my clothes and stuffs that for my New year.
fast hor ?
I shopping till vomit blood liao.
just now I count the total amount of all stuffs that I bought.
dresses,pants,cosmetics,lingerie,shoes etc etc.

guess what ?
RM 850 +
D: D:

I really can wear different clothes from cho 1 until 15.

I need to stop shopping start from now.
I have no money already T___T


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