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Sunday, January 11, 2009 @ 10:20 PM

I'm sure you all know this common sentence that from the movie Titanic :)
I just finished watched this movie on TV, again ;)
It was my... don't know how many times I watched Titanic.
Its always touch my heart ):
Suprisingly, I didn't cry or tears this time (: claps for me pls ;P
I really love this movie, the love between Jack and Rose,
the true love. very true.
and the theme song My Heart Will Go On is a classic :D
I have a question, is it Rose still alive now?


Went to Timesquare to change a jeans because the size is not my size,
I'm too fat I know.
but then the stupid boss of that shop not let us to change just because no receipt.
hello, the tag still on okay?
my mum was scolded the stupid aunty at there with her loud voice,
cbk, we just want to change size also cannot ?
sommore I just bought it on the day before yesterday !
Argh, the aunty said so many rubbish infront of us ,
all bull shit ! >:( ccb.
at last we still not allow to change it,
Let's boycott this shop, named KIMMO that located at third floor.

after that, headed to Midvalley with family and baby.
I'm wearing this flower shoe that bought from Licci, TS.
and baby saw a Malay woman wearing same shoe with me !

this shoe quite cute right ?
flower flower. hahaa.

I want get a new shoe because don't want same shoe with Malay woman D:
Mummy spotted this shoe at Lee Cooper and asked me to buy it .

quite similiar with my ex-shoe that from Zara :P
simple is nice *mehh*
their prices are same too. RM99.90
so now I got more shoes.

I want to buy Zara's shoe so badly but there no my style ):



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