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Monday, February 16, 2009 @ 12:13 PM
Another valentine.
How was your Valentine's Day?
Hope you have a great day with your valentine :)
My valentine's day was great, but i totally exhausted.
I'm so tired you know :S
prepared those foods,cake.
I failed my choco banana cake,
I forgot to take the picture of the failure cake,
but this cake is really made by me.
Butter Cake.

I was so disappointed when I fail my first cake,
my mum menggalakkan me do second one,
I finally done it :)

I spend-ed 4hours something to done 2cakes,
really tired.
and the time is near, I'm so gan zheung,
so I don't explain the process of my preparation lah,
too many already.

Actually the pink colour fabric is curtain.
Lol, creative right? xD

candle :)

baby with his lamb chop :)

grape flavor cocktail :d not that nice,
I more prefer red wine :P

nah, red wine came x)

these four thiggy candles so cute lor,
got smell also.

tadaaa, surprise !
He doesn't know I made another cake for him :P

Poser :P

We can see that how delicious my cake is :D

see :P

why his face look so hmm gam yun?

cos he doesn't like animals.

my day is ended :)
delicious foods (mehh), nice wine, great atmosphere, lovely.

My mum enjoy her bufday too :D
Happy bufday mum :)
I hope she is happy all the time.

These photos all are Pinky's :D

she just like a baby !

AWWW... camera shy :P

sleeping beauty :)

she is fierce, she like to bite my nose ._.
she is sleeping now.
Puppy need 20 hours sleeping time :D


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