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Tuesday, February 03, 2009 @ 12:22 PM
I'm so lazy to flash back all the things that happened in last week.
so just let the photos explain everything :)

Chor 2
Visited relative at Serdang.

Went to boyfriend's cousin house for steamboat session at night,
yums ;)

Men's gambling.
I'm busying for camwhore the hamster :p

Look, so cute !

boyfriend (;
He pandai dalam cho-dai-dee .hahah

Shih-Tzu & Hamster .

Chor 3
Prepared and headed to Genting.
who knows , there were people mountain people sea.
after droped down a friend at Genting, we headed down to KL.
and off to Midvalley.

Sushi session :D
p.s this photo is without edit or ps.
Long long time didn't eat sushi.
heheh. We had Mcdonald for our dinner.

Chor 4
Today was the day to visit Chan Fai's house,
before going we went to Desa Petaling had our breakfast and went to Timesquare walked a while then off to Chan Fai's house :)

I used this pictures as my phone screen saver :P

after took angpau at Fai's house,
all friends headed to next destination - Yew Kean's house for more angpaus.

3 ladies :)

Baby and I went to Timesquare again at night.

Forever Love.
I don't think this name suit this drink,
It's taste too sour !
Its better call Jeolousy Love :S

and baby saw a kiosk that can menghilangkan tahi lalat,
haha, this three tahi lalat are not good for baby's wealth, relationship and yadayada.

Chor 5
You know what the most 'fan' in the world ?
- think what should eat in every morning !
We really don't know what should we have in today morning.
we round and round at Kuchai Lama,
finally decided to go in a Korea BBQ restaurant.

Green tea :)

Pei Ling, we saw Yuen Sern at Kuchai Lama !

after that headed to Midvalley, Guardian to redeem my Paddington Bear :D
But too bad, they don't have stock already,
so went to OUG and finally get it :)

I really lazy to type words already ._.

Restaurant High Way Cafe at Serdang.

Baby's sizzling lamb chop.
Yums !

Caribean set, a chicken chop and 3 cheese baked tiger prawn .

our dessert :D
really enjoy the dinner today.
try go this restaurant :)

Restaurant High-Way Cafe

the bear ! haha :D

Chor 6
Visited Cik Kok house,
our secondary school teacher :)

Yin Huei and I <3

today was not my day,something serious happened on today.
I'm such a stupid liar.
forget it forget it.

Chor 7
suddenly baby and I had the mood to cook :d
so went to supermarket for haunting our food materials,

got tiger prawns, veges, fish and potatoes :D
I like the tomatoes prawns ,Yumssss !

okay, I think its enough for chor 2 til chor 7.
will update again when I'm free.
buuubye :)


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