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Monday, February 09, 2009 @ 2:47 PM
I've changed my blogskin :)
just a simple skin from The skin of the day,
I'm quite lazy to find other skins on All Skin lah -_-


Ytd was my grandma birthday,
Happy Bufday Popo :D

Secret Recipe Choco Banana !
Who love Choco banana? I do ! haha

Grandma :)

Kamen, you look on the camera whenever !

AWWW, don't cry. she gam dong til tears down (actually she wiping her sweat) ._.

just a little update for ytd night, delicious foods, cake, and of cos wine :P

edited on 11.01pm

Found this fragrance while walking around at Metrojaya with my girls.

Harajuku Lovers fragrance by Gwen Stefani.
Gwen Stefani is it that one Gwen Stefani?
neh, that one ah, Hollaback girl hollaback girl.......
no? I don't know lah.
I just know this fragrance design is soo cute !

they got five designs ! damn cute right?
clockwise : Love | Music | Lil Angel | Baby | G

I think it will be a nice gift for Vday :D
Boys ! you should know how to do !hahah
I wish I can get one of it too :(
but it seem like too expensive for me .
RM156 each .
buy it for me kay? whoever :D

More information : Harajuku
Photos : Google


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