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Monday, February 23, 2009 @ 3:37 PM
It's sales everywhere again !
MetroJaya having sales now, I want to buy a Lollipops bag so badly and its up to 70% discount ! oh my god.
unfortunately, the bag that I want so badly already sold out >:(
that bag only cost RM120, so cheap ! Lollipops Paris leh.
so I taking my budget RM120 to search anything something to buy in Mv.
I saw a fabulous bag in MNG, but its price is too expensive for me :/
finally walked in Jaspal, and : wow ! I found my bag :D
bought a bag at Jaspal and its just cost me RM70 after discount :D
and a dress too.

the bag.

This dress is just so nice :) from Jaspal also.
RM159.00 discount 70% ! oh my oh my.
total amount of the bag and dress was RM117.70.
not yet over my budget !
wooooo, can't get a Lollipops but a dress and bag that lower than my budget.
baguskan? :P


Sunday is the day that hang out with boyfriend since I've no work.
I should go find a work because of my pocket is so empty now.

Uncle Duck Steamboat Restaurant at Timesquare.

College reopen after one week more.
start to feel lazy to go college >_________<

p.s.Happy bufday, daddy ! :)

I'm so bored at home.
who want to hang out with me?
ask me out lah. I'm free all the time, except Sunday :P



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