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Wednesday, February 25, 2009 @ 9:08 PM
A name call Jessica, lol
I'm so bored !

Let's talk about my name :)
I got many different nickname since I was in primary school.
Xiaobibu, Bibu, Wei Yeen, Wei Xian, Wei Yin, Ah Girl etc.
I can't remember.

Firstly, Xiaobibu.
the most common name that I have been use in different accounts name.
For example, friendster, facebook, blogger, viwawa and more and more.
This name appeared when I was form 4?
Xiao means little in Chinese, Bibu I don't know what its mean but its sound just so cute (maybe not)
I think I should change it to Daibibu (big bibu) Lol.
I'm getting older and older.
Ahem, many friends started to called me bibu bibu when form 4.
especially the MLL gang, MLL stands for Ma Lat Lou in Cantonese.
you know who you are :)
they like to kacau me and called me bibu bibu bibu like ambulance's sound.
I just love this name :D

As you all know my real name is Wei Yeen,
I don't want tell ya my sir name, you guess :)
haha, ok lah, Lim. not double tree.
yeah, Lim Wei Yeen.
many people misunderstanding my name, they like to pronounce my name as Wei Yean.
I hate Wei Yean.
follow me pronouce one time, Wei Yin.

Of cos my Chinese name is Wei Xian,
its less people call my Chinese name now but my boyfriend :D
becos we use Chinese communicate what.
Wei Yin is my Cantonese name,
normally call by my relatives.
My name is named by my uncle but not my parents ,
I really love my name, its just so special hor? I think its nobody same name with me :P

Tell ya a secret,
when I was in primary school, we love to give ourselves a English name,
My so-called English name is Vianne,
but I change it to Jessica when primary school.
oh no Jessica its just a joke.
don't call me Jessica okay? pls forgive my childishness.
I don't like English name,
just call me Bibu / Wei Yeen :P

when free or have that mood I will post my medicure tutorial to ya all :)
stay tuned !

p.s Ms Wong Pei Ling, online pls !


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