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Sunday, February 01, 2009 @ 10:52 PM
Sorry for didn't update for a week !
I'm such a irresponsible blogger :(

Went out everyday such a bitch with boyfriend :D
really enjoy kao kao this Chinese New Year !
many pending posts and photos will be update soon !
stay tuned ya !


okay, let's start my journey when CNY.
Chor 1.
woke up damn early for getting self-prepared and went to grandma's house for breakfast.
actually chor 1 is a damn sien day .
normally evry year's chor 1 should be eat at grandma's house,
but this year was different.
we choose to go have breakfast at Sri Petaling Carefour.
yes, Carefour .
had our zhai breakfast = vegetarian foods there.
The foods were totally cute !
all made by flour, taufu and other foods else but look like chicken meat, fish even pork meat !
First time mah :P

my lan-ci doggie = Hero with his leng leng cloth.

such a emo dog :P

wearing my Nichii dress, nice nice :)

After finished breakfast back to grandma's house rest awhile,
then uncle had an idea to go Pavilion for movie session.
we watched All's Well, End's Well 2009,
it's funnney !

Golden Ox.

We have our dinner at Pappa Rich,
then went to Neway for karaoke session with baby and his brother and cousies,
its damn late !
12am sang until 5am !
but I went home at 3am something cause beh tahan already.

okay, Chor 1 finished.
still have Chor 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
how to post? D:


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