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Friday, February 06, 2009 @ 11:42 AM
Vday is around the corner,
have you prepare any suprises for your boy / girl?
I want to suprise my boy with a dinner that cook by myself :P
like candle light dinner, something like that.
But its not suprise anymore because he already knew what I want to suprise him.
What I'm gona do is prepare some western food like mushroom soup, salad, lamp steak etc.
Oh ! I will celebrate his birthday in the same day too :D
so must prepare a birthday cake huh?
hahah. so many things need to prepare.
Any birthday present suggestion ?
He seem like he don't need anything because he already got everything that he want.
Like what he said : No need buy anything for me lah, I already got what. Don't waste your money on me.
okay, actually I want buy a belt for him, but he menolak idea ini.
so anything else?
wallet ? oh ya, I can buy a branded wallet for him hor.
since the wallets that I bought for him all are not so branded and easy broken.
heheh. that time no money mah, now also no money what.
What will he prepare for me leh?
I think it will be.....nothing = =
He not so romantic.
Maybe my present wishes is too higher? haha.
I want a camera, Canon Powershot E1 .
lol lol.
I don't think he will buy for me cuz he think that I don't need a camera.

Anyway, I hope everything will be fine on Vday :)
hope yours too !
eh? today Parkson macam got sales.
Got to go :P



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