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Saturday, March 21, 2009 @ 9:48 PM
everything is just so POUPEE !
Cookie know what its mean :P
right right right ?


Sg Wang today with mummy and sister,
mummy went there for her eyebrows touch-ups,
neh, tattoo eyebrows.

I tot my sis will accompany but she didn't.
she throw me at there and walked with her friends.
so I one people sat at Bluunis for waiting my mum.
first hour gone, second hour gone.
how long I still need to wait ?
I sat there very long time alreaddy !
F R E A K I N G T-H-R-E-E H O U R S !
oh my fucking god.
keep reading their mags,
like a soh-poh.
finally, after she get done, we both faster run to Restaurant Esquire Kitchen to have our meals.
hungry til can die already.

Blue colour bow hairpin,
I love it :D

We only used 10 mins to finished our foods due to hungry til can die.
lol ._.

Sg Wang has nothing to walk,
really.I doonnnooo whyyy.
my foots also get hurt cos I wearing a 4inches heels.
I regret.

this bloody 4 inches heels. but it is nice, isnt it?
what its call in Cantonese?
' oi leng ng oi meng '

yes ! I 'oi leng ng oi meng' !
shoot me !

I wana ride the hot air ballon !!!!
which held at PutraJaya!
but its too late :(
Hot Air Ballon rides just valid til today only.
mamamamamama, I want go T.T
anyone going? Fun or not ah?

HotAirBallon Fiesta09


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