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Saturday, March 07, 2009 @ 12:23 PM
M.AC. Hello Kitty
Yes !
Say Hi to Hello Kitty !
M.A.C has release a set of Hello Kitty cosmetics included blusher, eyepalette, lip gloss, lip stick and foundation face powder.

So cute! wtf.
I'm gona get it !
I'm sure !
But I only will buy blusher, LOL.

ciao. going to meet Hello Kitty already.


YES ! again.

I got them !

really really cute like hell lor.
Let's intro my babies.


Pink for my sister :)

Peach for me :D

this is beauty face powder.
its got a Kitty logo on it lo. enlarge enlarge !

lipbalm, my sister one.
its can moisture your lip.

and the last one !
secret bufday present for my cousin sis !

you know who your are :)
its not secret already :/

and we took 3 of their hello kitty head's balloon.
haha, just so cute.

Pinky loves the balloon so much.

Hero, shot 1.

He don't like camera :/

Shot 2.

He looks so happy !

haha, happy enough already.

faster go any M.A.C outlet to get all of these cutety stuffs !
Midvalley already out of stock !
what the fuck ?!?!
its just released on yesterday tho.
go for Hello Kitty !


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