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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 @ 8:02 PM
i love KOSE.
ok lah, as promised this post will be 'Never too busy to be beautiful part 2'

KOSE, my new lovely brand for skin care product.
its a brand from Japan right?

I bought a facial cleanser and a set of skin care products of Kose included toner, mask and make-up remover.

now I share with you all the method to clean my face :)
I'm not sure the method is exactly correct or not,
its just a share :)
shall we start?

Method 1
of cos need to clean our faces first.
do you clean your face everyday?
even twice a day?
I don't :/ sometimes maybe :P

Kose white powder wash.
there got a WHITE word, means its got whitening effect lah????
I'm not sure eh.
hope so :)
my face need whitening.

Its kind of powder powder,
the smell is super nice :D

Method 2
Mask, I'm not using Kose mask becos my house still have many mask :/
not to waster them right?
I will apply mask three times a week.
(sometimes don't even once a week ._.)

Skin food smoothing cucumber wash-off mask.
so long the name =.=
its super hydrating (for me)
love this.

Method 3
after cleans off all the dirty things that stick on your face,
apply lotion/toner.

I super love this toner !
the smell is super extremely awesome nice !
every time I feel like wasting my toner cos the cotton still wet wet one.
so I use it to clean my knee and neck.(Its money, don waste)
got effect one. no bluff

after that,
I will apply some hydrating gel.

ZA Deep Hydrating Gel.
I want Loreal that one :/
this one quite okay also.
don apply too many, your face will become more oily.
(if you have oily skin)

that all :)
erm, shall I have part 3?
hahah, maybe about make up :P


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