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Saturday, April 11, 2009 @ 11:13 PM
keep the faith.
Pictures for drama presentation.

The title for our drama is called ' DREAM '
Not mimpi, is impian.
Its talking about a girl named Sora who love to sing so much, she joined a singing contest and another girl named JESSICA also very love to sing. She felt jealous and envy to Sora's voice so she started do many thing to kick Sora out of the contest.
funny enough, can laugh die really.

First, group picture. really enjoyed kao kao with you all.

a minute before start our drama.
see, i didn't bluff you one. I nervous til no any facial expression.

The lady who wearing colorful shirt is Jessica, the 'gan chan' in our drama.
I'm being the host of the singing contest.
and the middle one with full of facial expression is Sora :P

chou tut picture, chou tut pose.

Really wanna thanks for our classmates for their coperation helping us.
They act as fans of Jessica and Sora, they act totally like crazy fans.
I almost laugh die on half the way when I'm acting.
they keep shouting their names, even climb up the table and shout I love you. wtf.

anyway, we did a good job :)


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