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Thursday, April 23, 2009 @ 1:03 PM
Never too busy to be beautiful part 1
Exams totally killing my brain now.
yesterday was the first paper and there is another paper on tomorrow.

I still not in the study mood yet so I manicure (again!)
:) woman woman :P
theme for this time is bling :D

I'm not satisfied it :/
becos its not enough bling ! I want more fake diamond to stick on it !
wtf, who willing bring me to Connought night market to grab more diamonds?

I put a very thick layer of transparent shimmer nail varnish on my nails to make it look more shiny.
quite okay lah hor? ;)
I really think that I can be a manicurist in future.
I want learn it and be an expert of manicure !
but why I choose to study media one?
fate, maybe :)



I DIY-ed my new mirror.
grabbed it at Ikea for just Rm5.

Its looked so plain :/ so I decided to design it with my creativeness ;P







LOOK ! I used all the un-used thingy stuffs to do it !
looks so princess ! aww...:D
the center of top was a big fake plastic love shape diamond,
I love that diamond !
and some pink color laces :)


I edited this picture using Nero PhotoSnap Viewer :)

Old school feel d:
I think I shall do revision later.
give me some motivation !

P.S I eating Mcd now.
P.S next post will be Never too busy to be beautiful Part II, stay tuned !


just changed my skin as you all can see.
cupcakes. its just so cute :)
hope you all like it (;

revision revision !


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