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Friday, May 08, 2009 @ 10:02 PM
I need a real man. Part 2
yes, part 2.
after we satisfied our stomach,
went to Gardens Red Box to shout until our asses off !
sang freaking four hours there.

Pei Ling keep sang the 'Da Zhang Fu' by Jolin Tsai,
repeated four times !
laugh til die.

"I don't want a boyfriend ! I need a real man~~~"
(part of lyric of the song)

while waiting them to finish their songs,
self cam whore :P

I love my nails !

two 38 poh.

we sang many English songs.
"Hit me baby one more time !"
so old school .

my lemon coke.

Yin Huei :D

see, she even sang twice of Lee Hom new song "Xin Tiao",
and "Gai Bian Zi Ji".
look at Lee Hom and her facial expression.
"one nine color"(translate to Cantonese) why I so rude one?=.=forgive me.

last picture of us!

four in love!
secondary classmates usually called us "Four In Love"
haha. we always bump together in school :P
miss the time ~~~~
when is the next time we meet?
faster plan !


show you my gorgeous nails :D

gorgeous, isn't it ?

after got home with cousin,
had dinner and headed to Connought night market.
crowd with people as usual.
grabbed some fake diamonds and stickers for nails.
happy sial ~~
finally bought them.
but I still can't get the acrylic powder for 3D nails.
where can get it?

P.S click here >>>YinHuei to watch the funny video of Pei Ling. haha. I'm sure she will kill me :P


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