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Tuesday, May 12, 2009 @ 8:23 PM
my nails like sugar.
"my lips like sugar ~ my lips like sugar~"

oopss. ahem.
let's blog bout how I manicure my nails :P

this post is for PeiLing, who want to learn manicure.
haha. look PeiLing! I treat you so good! XD

firstly you must get some good nail colors.
I love to buy Elianto,The Face Shop and Etude House.
their prices are cheap and qualities not bad also :)

Basic colors I recommended are black,white,red,pink and top coat :)

Nail stickers are much more easier for beginner to manicure their nails :D

RM10 for 4 pieces of nail stickers.
grabed them at Connaught night market :P

I love to use these glitter thiggy :P

I don't know what they call,
you all just look at the picture and recognise them XD
I bought them at Hotmarket with the price RM9?
cheap !

I love French manicure !
its easier to make and looks fabulous ~
For french manicure all you need is this :

ya, tip guide :P
it can help you to seperate the colors into two.

try to get more fake diamonds as you can :D
they are always your 'best friend' for your nails!

one box RM10 at Connaught night market.


its kind of plastic, after u cut it into pieces then stick on your nails !
RM10 for 4 .
as I said ,night market is always the place you can find those cheap things!

so now I'm gonna show you how I done my nails :D
actually I wanna make french nails but ... nvm.. next time fst :P

prepare these tools.

apply pink nail color evenly,
you may need apply 2 layer if they aren't smooth.

use black color to draw a love shape,
then use the little thiggy (I really don't know what its call ><)stick around the love shape.
like this :

and then,
stick 2 pink diamonds inside the love shape :)

last stick some tinsel that glitter your nails :D

done !
really nice I tell you ;)

pink color of polish remover!
Sally Hansen Polish Remover :P

zoom in for you ~

my left hand always nicer than my right hand :(
cos I can't manicure nicely by using left hand D:

hope you can really learn something on manicuring.

I wanna share a story with you all,
I've tried to manicure my nails on those manicure shop once time.
with my cousin on last year.
we totally regret.
that was our very first time to manicure on shop.
bad experience for us.
we got cheated ._.
we asked about the prices before manicure,
the price the ppl told us was RM28.
cheap right? so we choose a design and start manicure.
after done it, it was pretty, we very happy also.
but when we pay money, total amount was RM80.
wtf? RM28 + RM28 =RM80?!
then we asked them why RM80,
they told us : extra RM12 was for the nail colors.
we was like o.O?
got customers manicure don't want color de meh??!
so wtf......
next time must ask properly before manicure!


Randomly post about,
my hamster.
its became grey color, godknowwhy.

so cute :P

did I tell you all my sister's hamster dead?
it was dead on last week :(
she borned two babies but all died.
and the mummy became more and more weak and she was died.
ahhh, so sad.

P.S I'm sick, flu. wtf. dont isolate me D:


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