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Friday, May 29, 2009 @ 10:35 AM
Singapore's Edison Chen
I don't know whether Malaysia's newspaper have release this news not,
just found it on
I read this article on Anti Gary Ng
You must wondering who is Gary Ng so called Singapore's Edison Chen.
He is a Singapore blogger who exposed 33 sex videos (33?!!!) on his blog.

In yet another online scandal that had Singaporean Netizens riled, a blogger who calls himself Gary Ng posted some 33 sex videos of himself to a blog on an obscene website.According to a post on omy blogger Alvinology's site, Gary claims to work in the banking industry, and is not shy at all about describing his sexual encounters with the various women.Local Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wabao, reported that about 22 women were featured in the 33 videos Gary uploaded. Gary also titled the videos such that they profile the women whom he was having sex with.From the titles include, 'Gary Ng vs. Beer Auntie', 'Gary Ng vs. Ah Lian' and even 'Gary Ng vs. Friend's Niece'. A real estate agent, an NUS student, a bank employee and a neighbour were also among Gary's 'conquests', Lianhe Wanbao reported.The Wanbao report said that Gary first uploaded the sex clips to a blog hosted on an obscene website. He then made a number of posts on several popular Singaporean online forums, describing his sexual experiences in great detail and posting links to the videos.........

One of the girl involved in this scandal is his cousin! wtf ?!
Are the girls really so that innocent or.....,perhaps?

This is the picture of Singapore's Edison Chen that exposed byAnti Gary Ng ,

Wait a minute, this guy not one of a Singapore actor?
I forgot what is his name,
who is he already .___.
you know not?

what a world.

Credit: Anti Gary Ng


see my new header !
haha, just learn from website.
I know its ungly also la.
give me some times, I slowly learn to be header expert. LOL
This one nicer or old one?

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tell me tell me !


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