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Thursday, May 14, 2009 @ 12:50 PM
When you are enjoying your food with a very syok mood..... will have this face expression. face look so retarded!
no choice,
I was enjoying very delicious desserts at Pavillion !

An outing with girls again !
Chan Fai joined us, I think he will become our girl after this outing :P

before went out.
was wearing a tee that writing: I think he's gay.
and has a arrow pointing to right hand side,wtf.
(cousin gave me this tee :P)

after reached Timesquare,
had our breakfast at Kenny Roger.

walked to Pavilion for movie,
but there seem like no movies we interested,
went Forever21 look for clothes.
tried few pieces but no money to buy it D:

after that,we decided walk back to Sungai Wang,
unfortunately, raining !

we were force to stay at Pavillion.

started our food haunting :D
spotted this Japanese dessert restaurant,
MOF - Ministry of Food.
ordered 3 different flavors,

sesame flavor.
with zenzai (Japanese TangYuan)

I love this one !
Vanilla ice cream with fruits ~
got zenzai also :P

the ice cream was so soft !

watermelon sundae :P

after having our fabulous desserts,
we walked to Sg Wang and there was still raining !
so romantic huh.



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