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Monday, June 01, 2009 @ 1:06 PM
Cakes Lover
Randomly post up this photo :P
Bibu and my lovely puppy, Pinky.
I just bathed her ! :D
She's look so fluffy now ~

AWARE! More cakes will be showing up!
Cakes lovers please don't slaver till flooding my blog ! hahaa :P

This ah moi Yin Huei want to make a cake for her boy's bufday.
woke up freaking early (8am!!!!) for waiting that ah moi come my house,

I lazy decribe the process so I just show you our end products.

Yin Huei was baked a Blueberry cake :D
Looks Yummmmmy!

the whipping cream and almond nips were totally drove us crazy!
hard to apply them on the cake!
we managed to finished it with our whole-hearted :P

Next was my turn :D
Double Choco !

See the chocolate melt on whole cake?
I applied some raisins and cream in the middle of the cake.
boyfriend said its delicious! (he fucking love choco!)

looooooooook !
looks like those cakes that selliing at cakeshops right ?

This was the another cake by using same ingredients but different decoration.
Choco Raisin Luv (I just simply give them a name)

I was actually to make a love shape on the middle by using chocolate,
but seem like I failed:/
My youngest sister love this cake so much !
she almost ate half of it !

happpy till fly !


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