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Thursday, June 11, 2009 @ 9:54 PM
call me ribbon-holic.
okay, I'm bored.
really bored.

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nothing can let me blog about. FML

Topic today will be my hair accessories.
how much hair accessories you have lady?
If you're the kind of person that always throw your hairband or rubberband on anyway after wore (like me) and buy new one after lost it (like me), seriously sure you don know how much of them you had totally bought.(like me)
collect them all and put on your bed, count it.
you will surprise on the number. (try it)

these are all part of my hair accessories.
I love ribbon hairband.

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I remember I bought many many rubberband / hairclips / hairband.
but I just couldn't find them :/

will you girls always lost your hair accessories?
I will one lor, don know why.
I bought so many hair accessories but I will slowly lost them one by one.

see, my ribbon collection. LOL
I really couldn't resist to not buy them.
I want them more! give me more ribbons!

Ego Box

the comic I recently read.
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this comic !
you know the famous Japanese movie Sky of Love?
this is the comic version!

I read until 3rd episode, I cried :(
arhhhh! I can't wait to read next episode already!
I haven't buy yet! wtf.



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