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Tuesday, June 02, 2009 @ 9:29 PM
what is Malaysian Malaysia?

ytd have a short outing with collegemates,
Carrie and Sora :)
went TimeSquare :D
finally I've been there, its time to updates myself for the fashion trend.
Nice clothes/fabulous bags/pretty shoes are everywhere!
my gosh.... I want grab them all!
money money ~ hits my Nuffnang advertisement ! money will come to me!


Today was the first day I went college for classes since the college reopen date was actually on last week :/
laziness boom me up.
drove as usual, one month didn't touch the stereng.
drive at night totally is a shit for me! (I have class til 7pm)
I still can't be stable to drive at night!
wtf. I'm night-blinded.

reached college on 2.30pm.
class start on 3pm.
but you know what? 3pm class have been canceled for i-don-know what reason.
I really want go home on that time but there is another class on 5pm.
ahhh so sucks !

so my classmates suggested to play some games since we have nothing to do.
we all were in very high mood becos who lose for the game will get punishment.
the punishment was : go out of the class, find a guy and say Hi to him.
we totally laugh die! luckily I didn't kena the punishment :P
those guys who be chosen as our target were totally don't know what is happening! and some of them have a shock face and they don't know should give what react to my friends!HAHA

Part of my classmates, they're awesome! :D

History class on 5pm,
I keep yawning when the tutor talking infront.
I really fucking don like history.
question: What is Malaysian Malaysia?
answer me if you know.

My eyes are so tiring now.
Restaurant City later :)
Ending this post with my BOO face.



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