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Saturday, July 18, 2009 @ 10:06 PM
Love remains the same <3
Finally I'm here to blog!
I really dun hv ze mood to blog T.T I don know why!!!

I bought this cute little thing from Ebay.
(quite long time ago)
seriously you can find some chio things from ebay!!

guess what is it! Blusher !

looook! damn chio !
its from a Taiwan's brand - Beauty Maker <3
this blusher got name one, it call Love Pu Pu Cheek.


Just passed my mid-term exams.
everyone was gone crazy just becos of these motherfucking exam!!
included me!

randomly post about the presentation of my classmates.
they're really cute lo! haha

Eng Kok and Kee Hui.
(saw that cute little thing at the middle of them? its princess nick's photo! lol)

'' Salad is for girl eat one, not for boys'' (Kee Hui, 2009)

Princess Nick and I !

This fellow named Eng Kok,
he likes to take pictures of himself!
wtf! (he likes to act cute also, no la, he's cute anyway, ahem.........)

see? sexeyyyy!

My nails are fucking ugly now.
haih, few of them were broke! and I cutted them all to very short!
my god.

These few days I was so busy with outings and assignments.
assignments deadline, steamboat with gang, gathering with primary friends.

do I tell ya my parents went to ShangHai?
if you follow my twitter sure ya know!

okay lah,stay tuned for my next updates!
(hope I have ze mood to blog again)

anyway, I want watch Ice Age 3 in 3D ! i know im kinda late for this movie!!!
fast ajak me!!


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