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Wednesday, August 12, 2009 @ 9:23 PM
cut or not to cut.
I want a brand new hairstyle and brand new hair color.
seriously, I'm bored on my goddamn long hair.
I mean, yea, super long hair.

when was the last time for me cut my hair?
totally can't rmb.

My hair grow very fast, very very fast (not that fast also)
don't believe?
I prove to you.

this is the most obvious picture that showing my hair length.
one year ago, my hair long until my chest down abit.

after one year later,
my hair long til my waist.
counted as growing very fast right?

*my boyfriend loveeeeeeee my long hair so much,he claimed that my hair not enough long,wtf*

anyway, I want cut my hair, at least cut abit.
cos I found out that my hair is way too long and they are very ..... 'chan'
I mean, damaged.

the most important is, my hair color is totally faded away!!
wtf. I hate black roots. (who likes?wtf)
I tell you, I dyed my hair one month my black roots already came out,
now my fringe already became black color.

how to make your hair grow faster:
- always massage your head when you washing your hair
- always brush your hair
- eat more 'fatchoi' (a kind of vege, you know, its look like human hair)

these are my personal tips lah,
no scientifically proven one.

or you can check this out :
How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

any nice hair style recommended?

this coming Saturday....



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