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Monday, August 17, 2009 @ 8:59 PM
what is your ambition after you grow up?

This is the question that teachers like to ask since you are in primary school.
the most popular / common answers are:-
1) Doctor
2) Teacher
3) Astronaut


when I was in primary school, my answer were teacher, singer and nurse.
I think I cant be a teacher cos my results are suck to the max.
I cant be a singer too since I dont have an angel voice.
I 100% cant be a nurse becos I will faint while I see blood.

I want to be a dancer when I was in secondary school.
failed again, cos my body movements are not really good.

failed failed failed.

until now, I still couldn't find out what should I do after I get my diploma.
I always asked to myself why I chosen Mass Communication to study now.
what can I do after I graduate?
News announcer? radio announcer? journalist?
my future is totally blank, I can see that.

if you have a pretty face and a hottest body shape, you can join miss astro.
unfortunately, I dont have a pretty face, I can't join those beauty competition.

if you have a nice voice you can join singing competition and become a famous singer!
unfortunately, my voice is not angel voice, I'm suck in singing, I cant be a singer in future.

too bad right?

maybe it is better that I just get marry after I graduate and be a housewife?
how sad is it :/

did you ever ask yourself how will be your future and what you've done since you're born ed?

I never done any big things since 19 years before.

I'm not a good girl in my parents eyes.
I'm not a good friend among my friends. (maybe?)
I'm not a good girlfriend too.

I couldn't do 100% good in everything.

not even 50%.
I try to be good in every relationships that I have now.
at least I'm trying, its a good start right?

final exam is coming soon,
started getting stress since everyone is preparing for the exam.
I hate stress.

*I'm eating those colorful pills, phuck it.


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