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Tuesday, August 18, 2009 @ 3:42 PM
I Don't Want to Rest In Pieces Like Final Destination
I believe that everyone watched Final Destination before,
at least one of their series?

This movie has gave me a very deep influence in my daily life.
every time after I watched it,
I thought that I will die in next minutes with some ridiculous reasons or accidents.

In the Final Des 1, the most impression scene will be the aeroplane exploded in the sky.
It made me felt that aeroplanes are so unsafe.
I'm afraid to take aeroplane :/
how ridiculous I am.

For Final Des 2, the most disgusting and so called excited scene should be the highway scene?
all people in the highway are like die in few minutes?
all come and gone :/
highway leh, I drive everyday now leh.
imagine that when you are driving safely on a highway and suddenly a car dont know why crash on you and dont know why you just die like that :/

Most of you love final des 3?
right? the roller coaster one, I don like to play roller coaster.
after I watched final des 3, I don dare to play it anymore :O
its like ''you will die faster if you play roller coaster''

anyway, final destination 4 wil be release on September.

Honestly, my expectation on this movie is really high :)
especially it will be in 3D mode some more.

did you ever afraid yourself will say byebye to this world in next minutes?
I do :/
For example,

when you want to sleep,
you look at your room ceiling, you are looking to the fan,
I will think that :'' oh no, will the fan drops down and let me die like final des?''
its such a nightmare :/

sometimes, I afraid that my laptop will explodes.
''You cant avoid to die, if the death want you to die''
how stupid I am? omg.
I will gone crazy if I continue like this.

Oven is the most scary one lor.
if you are baking a cake,
suddenly your oven explodes and you have to say byebye to your family edi.
just like Final Des.
die without a reason pun :/


I don't want to rest in pieces like Final Destination !

*I look so retarded*


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