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Thursday, August 27, 2009 @ 10:39 PM
magic tools.
I got a new hair color now :) say bye-bye to black roots!
lalala~ :D

*wah, seriously I fucking love my contact lens,aren't they look chio?*

I dyed my hair to classic mocha (Gatsby one)
not bad lor its color, no need go to saloon and waste my money.
just do it yourself at home :)

this one is without flash, look like dark brown huh?
thanks to my sister for helping me, she really done a good job on my hair !


finally I was went out today !
went to TimeSquare with mummy :D

woke up early (actually not really that early) to get myself done :)

BB cream is my magic tool, its really really good.
my others magic tools are, eyebrow pencil from Silky Girl (cheap and not bad to use!), pencil eyeliner from Maybelline (Maybelline is always my best choice), liquid eyeliner from Kate (I got their gel liner also!), mascara from KissMe (the most awesome mascara that I've ever use!), loose powder from Rimmel (gt shimmer shimmer one) and lastly, peach color blusher from MAC (HelloKitty that one!).

with all my magic tools and styled my hair,

outfits for today :)
'Popcorn' oversized tee which only costs me!

walked around all shops with mum, but grab nothing :/
why why why.

having KFC as our lunch :)
mum was telling me a funny situation when she at ShangHai.
the chickens of KFC in Shanghai are much much smaller than M'sia's!
mad laughing when I listening to mum. haha

TimeSquare is not a good place for buying nice clothes.
they are cheap, all clothes almost same one!
like every shop is having same clothes for sale!
how to buy them you tell me? like very easy 'zhong sam' with other people! (accidentally wearing a same cloth with other people)
I hate 'zhong sam' :/

where is your favourite place for you to shop?
tell me tell me !

Neon Pink is damn chio :)

I got a pair of invitation to premiere screening Final Destination 4 on 1st September.
that time almost want exam already!
the screening is at One Utama also! damn far from my house lor.
how how how?


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