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Wednesday, August 26, 2009 @ 8:52 PM
where will you been on Merdeka Eve?
Yea, how would you celebrate our 52th Independence Day this year?
countdown at Bukit Bintang like everyone does on previous years?
I've got this invitation from Nuffnang to join their party at Mist Club on Merdeka Eve :)

This hip-hop fests will be held at Mist Club,Bangsar on 30th August 2009; with DJ Cash Money from Philadelphia, DJ Face, MC Syze, Aisyaa & Yasmeen together with Singapore's Sleeq and Richard J.
wah, sounds pretty fun :)

I'm not sure whether confirm going not :/
Yes if I have nothing to do on 30th August,
No if I am not free on that day.
we'll see :)
if I'm not goin I will give out my pair of invitation to others who want to go.
actually can or not to give out my invitation? hmmm.
Mist Club Official Blog

anyway, who are going to this party? :D



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