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Friday, September 25, 2009 @ 12:44 PM
Game Boy fever.
I bet Game Boy has accompany many 90s' kid like me.
My family members love game boy.
mom had bought many game boys for us to play.
I got the oldest Nintendo game boy!
I already forgot how much is its age!
15 years?
I duno.

The first Nintendo Game Boy released at 1990.
its my birthday year! OMG
I stil rmb I love to play Mario game by using this game boy.
everyday must play!

neh, this kind of games. The right one is for game boy color one.
I don't know whether it still function or not.
no battery liao.

next Pokemon game fever.
Game Boy Color in transparent purple.
its very chi0o okayy?
I was so addict in playing Pokemon game that time,
got target one you know, I want catch all the pro Pokemon and end the game.
I think I failed.LOL

Game Boy Advance.
this is my sister one.
its look pro a bit like PSP.
can enlarge the screen some more.

I want to buy a Game Boy Micro but failed.
mother said it useless.
so she bought a DS Lite.

Cooking Mama & Zoo Keeper, fav games.

& I got a PSP while sister got her DS Lite.

Pink PSP. lovely :)
Dynasty Warrior is the hit!!!
girls also can play this kind of game ok. hehe

and now!
I want a Wii.

its so fun when I watching HK drama the characters were playing Wii in their house!
I WANT A WII, then I can play all the time when I am home.
and I can lost my extra fat belly by playing those sports games!



Seriously its so fucking nice.
got web cam and external cam also!

Different between DS Lite and NDSi

tell me the price of a Wii & NDSi!

picture credit to Google Image.


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