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Tuesday, September 01, 2009 @ 4:36 PM
how to rip your jeans
Ripped jeans is a popular fashion trend now,
even celebrities like it so much.

A pair of ripped jeans can be very expensive,
I couldn't afford to buy one wtf
so I cari cari my wardrobe and found a jeans that I didn't wear it for a long period.
I decided to DIY it and turn it to an awesome jeans (not very awesome la)
to destroy your jeans is very simple,
here I am to teach you how :)

the materials you need is based on the techniques you use.
I'm using iron brush and utility knife, more easy.
you also can use coarse sandpaper and scissor too.

to begin the process, find a pair of jeans that old or maybe new.
(of cos better its old jeans la, if fail the process also wont feel sad ma)

1) Use utility knife scrape on your jeans
(decide upon the size and pattern of your rip, it may enlarge while you wash your jeans,so i suggest the size can not be too big)

2) continue scraping until it become like this.
you may need some time to scrape it.

3) then use iron brush (my pet's brush) to brush on the area that you ripped.
keep brushing it to destroy the fabric.

4) result :) if you think that it is not enough bigger you can continue brush it or scrape it.
(again, it may enlarge after you wash it)

5) you also can brush on the area of pocket, its look nice too.

6) to create some fringe effect on bottom of your jeans, simple; just use iron brush and brush it.

7) this is another close-up shot on the other area that I ripped.

8) sorry that I din take the actual look of this jeans.
it was a very normal and plain long jeans, ya I shorten it becos I just love short pant :P

Tips: You can use some bleaching powder to bleach your jeans to make it more stylish.

Create your own style in your own way :)


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