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Wednesday, September 23, 2009 @ 9:31 PM
Melaka Trip.
Heading to Melaka!

I slept all the time in the car while going Melaka =_____=
I beh tahan waking up in the early morning.

after 1.5hours plus, we finally reached the antique place - Melaka!

Melaka has so many historical landmarks that you must visit,
like Christ Church, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, Jonker Street, Cultural Museum etc.
There're some new landmarks too!

Firstly we walked around the Christ Church.

at StadHuys.

The sun on that day was super hot & big,
applied 50 PH++ sunblock also not enough!

trying to take an artistic picture failed #1.

One Malaysia :)

The typical souvenirs of Malacca were those handicrafts like key chains, bookmarks & pens.
I didn't buy any souvenir because I thought everyone should went Malacca before, right? :/

The pedicabs in Melaka had became more & more trendy when every time I came.

Like their umbrellas are sponsor by Digi or Maxis,
and deco by lotsa flowers.
some even has Hi 5 and playing some very in music.

nice one :)

Oh, rmb the snake photoshoot?
They're still there, at the same place.

After that, we walked to the S.T John Fort.

dad with the oldest fire engine.
well, my dad is not a photo shy.
he stood there when we reached & trying to pose & hint to us to photoshoot him.

I got a picture exactly same with this which took at 19 years ago,
the diff is I was a baby at that time.

sisters & dad.

SEE I told you.

that's my dad.
he climbed up the train & tried to grab our attention,
like a kid ._____.

dad was trying to climb again.

trying to take an artistic picture failed #2.

Beside the Melaka River.
I saw two lizards swimming in the river.
not those small small one which on your house,
they are huge.
I thought they are crocodile. WTF

Brands Outlet! shopping time!

we're so hungry after a long walk.
headed to Jonker street to have some food.

I wanna try their chicken rice ball so badly!
they have like 10+ chicken rice ball restaurant in Jonker Street?
wtf, all are pack with people!

finally we chosen this restaurant which their spoke person is Mr Choi Lan ( a famous epicure in HK)

its tasty & yummy! I like!

me with Mr Choi Lan. ^^''

spent a lot of money in this Jonker Street.
we were like want to buy all the things!
this nice that's nice, what also nice!

more pictures of the view and buildings.

trying to take an artistic picture failed #3.

I love the sky on that day.

St Francis Xavier's Church

nah! the new landmarks of Melaka!
Eye On Malaysia !
I already tried it when it still located at Titiwangsa. hehe

Taming Sari Tower!
I want go there and have a try so badly :(
we couldn't make it in the end. because we're so tired and lazy walk to there.

we were soooooooooo tired after walked through the street.
before going back to KL, its a must to go a shop that sell alot of snacks / food.
its named Tan Kim Hock Product Centre.

Seriously we went Melaka was shopping more than visits Malacca landmarks.
We bought a lots of stuffs from Jonker Street and of course the Tan Kim Hock Product Centre.

From drinks,

to snacks,
(all bought from Tan Kim Hock)

to our own stuffs,

to chopsticks.
(chopsticks also want to buy?!?!)
eh, you don't know one, each of the chopstick has our own animal zodiac.
so we can differentiate which one is mine and which one is others.

where is our next destination? ^^


welcome to Melaka. I'm sorry there's no Malacca anymore, you must change to Melaka..
What a pity.. It is a must place for you to go Taming Sari.. And you can go to river cruise..
About the lizard, I know it is big like croc..
anyway. I hope you enjoy in Melaka..


By Blogger Zool Blogger, at September 24, 2009 at 12:09 AM  

>zool blogger, seriously there's no Malacca ?! stupid am I. anyway thanks for ur info :D

By Blogger xiaobibu♄, at September 24, 2009 at 7:20 PM  

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