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Sunday, September 27, 2009 @ 6:03 PM
My Dream Wedding.
I wish I could have a beach wedding party.
If I could I wouldn't held my wedding dinner at restaurant.
Beach wedding party is so special and fun!

&& I want my own wedding gown!
If my future husband could afford la ._.
mom said wedding gown is not a cheap thing ._.

Picture credit:
these wedding gown are so chio!
Malaysia got these kind of wedding gowns not?
evrytime I saw those bride wearing their gowns not chio one.

Picture credit:
white gown is the best!

simple is nice <3

picture credit:
this could be the prom gown :)

as I said, a beach wedding party sure need a chio beach.
Pulau Redang maybe?

picture credit:
chio bride & chio groom & chio beach view.
everyone is wearing their beach wear and attend our wedding party,
eat, dance, sing, swim, play!

long prom gown maybe not suitable for beach party.
maybe this short gown :)

picture credit:
so cute right? I want!

and hor, I also realize that many wedding photoshooting also indoor one.
no outdoor one meh?

picture credit:
maybe can take on a field or beach? wa, chio.
I don't want those background effect one T_T so fake.

next, the wedding cake!
I online found these seashell wedding cakes!

picture credit:
so match with my beach wedding party!

picture credit:
I want a REAL wedding cake so that everyone can eat ^^

but sure very expensive hor?
must marry a rich guy.
(just kidding)

The most important, the wedding rings.

picture credit:

hello my future husband, can you hear me?
I want all these in my future wedding.

ok la, I know my imagination is quite geng.
just let me continue dreaming lor, everyone sure need some dreams one.

just attended a friend's wedding dinner few days ago,
feels like wedding is so fun and I want wear those pretty chio gowns.
I feel like wanna get marry now. LMAO

P.S ok la, maybe a beach wedding party is not 100% good.
as Kamen said, the wind will blow = sand everywhere = ur hair will get in a mess, ur gown will get all dirty and sweat will ruin ur makeup.


then I want a Cinderella wedding theme.
I want horses and a carriage.

*continue dreaming*


lovely =)

By Blogger kenwooi, at September 27, 2009 at 6:35 PM  

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