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Saturday, September 19, 2009 @ 10:48 PM
Semester break.
I'm finished my exam on Wednesday and semester break is started!

I had my last paper on Wed, we all were like so excited and planned to have fun after exam!
me & the bunch were went to have a movie session at Midvalley straight after exam.

Final Destination 4.
I know its kinda late for this movie but who cares.
it is bloooody gross and scary.
not that bad that I heard, although the storyline is kinda similiar with previous one,
but I think the effects are quite good.
Final Des also like that what,
vision - die - vision - die -break the chain - die - vision - die - all die. LOL
at least its really scared me out.

I was keep saying the word 'fuck' all the time while I watching the movie,
seriously I was so scare!!! I cover my face all the time!!!
it was like I'm one of the character inside the movie! like I'm dying like them!!
I even heard someone was crying in the cinema! OMFG
after watched the movie, I was like I'm going to die at any moment.WTF
its the effects after watching FINAL DES.


there was another outing with the bunch on the next day,
we were going to Sunway Pyramid.
we thought we want to watch 'Where Got Ghost' but the movie seat was full :/

we just hanging around and having fun with each other *ahem*

OH! have you heard AAR is coming to Malaysia soon?!
they are having a concert at One Utama on 10/10/2009!
faster go redeem your ticket at Sunway or 1U if you're a Digi user ! IT'S FREEEEEEE



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