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Sunday, October 18, 2009 @ 4:52 PM
Balia photoshop skills.
ya know photoshop can actually makes an ugly duck also can turn into a swam.
seriously I watched youtube on how pro they are, they can turn a ah po into leng lui, can turn a fei po into slim slim lady.
like WTF.

I also want play photoshop.
so I installed CS3 *thank Bryce for borrowing me the CD ^^

I'm very balia in ps.
I learnt some ps skills through

I know how to make bling bling diamond words liao ^^

ta-daa. haha

and some ps skills like liquify, change hair / eye color.

I photoshop my leg & face. & obviously the hair color.

change my eye color into a very very scary eyes.
and some lighting effect, & did you realize I applied fake eyelashes?!
I did! up & bottom :d

okok these pictures are quite chou tut ._____.
gimme some time to practice.
ahhh now I already forgot the steps.
wtf wtf

hmm cannot play too much ps because if your pictures are very pretty although its original pretty, other people will also say: cheh, photoshop geh. hei ng hei? haha


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