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Monday, October 05, 2009 @ 8:47 PM
Colorful eyes.
Seriously I can't live without my contact lens.
I must wearing my contact lens wherever I go.
I still rmb the fst time I was wearing contact lens was taught by Princess Kamen when I was in form 1.

that time still dont know what is contact lens one.
very funny.
then I started to wear color lens since form 3.
my first color lens was Amethyst from Fresh Look.
fucking nice. imagine your eyes are purple color.
hahahaha some of you may cant accept.

erm I wore almost all the colors from FreshLook.


Amethyst, Gray, Honey, Tru Sapphire & Turquoise.
& I even tried green color from FreshKon.
I looked so Alien and everyone was looking my eyes like I'm an alien.

then then, I found Geo Magic lens which can make your eyes bigger.
I think everyone should know Geo Magic lens.
like, everyone is wearing it now. LOL

the price of Geo Magic lens is so expensive when its still nt very common.
but now, if you go check the price, its like RM20+ can buy one pair liao.

I dont trust those ppl selling at a very cheap price,
I got experience you know. I bought one pair of Geo Magic Lens at a very cheap price,RM25 something through online.
I wore after few weeks, my eyes sore.
like zombie @@
I believe its the contact lenses prob cos I was threw the lens and wore spec,
there's no sore eyes already.
be careful while buying those cheap lenses because there's maybe made in China instead of Korea.

Here's my fav online shop that selling contact lens.
Charlene Shop

they are selling Neo & Geo contact lens from Korea.
honestly the price is not cheap.
around RM60 - RM125.
but their services are super good !
I was ordered 3 pairs of lenses last week.
I banked in money on Wednesday & I received my parcel on Saturday.
no need wait 2-3 weeks like others online seller does!

& there's a promotion now for Neo & Geo lenses.
the most important is return customers are entitled to privilege prices!!
I'm one of the return customer! ^^

here are the lens I ordered.
everytime you purchase one pair of lens, they will free you a lens case.

I bought one pair of Ash Wing,

& one pair of Angel Brown.
which one should I wear fst?
*anyway, I'm wearing Ash Wing now while blogging this post.*

here are some pictures with my colourful eyes :)
I only found 3 lens colors pictures from my pendrive.
others don know where they gone ._____.

Gray from Fresh Look.

hah! this one was Nudy Grey from Geo.

hmm.... my fav color. Honey Wing :)

P.S does anyone knows where can buy a pink contact lens? haha


So cuuute :)

/ Madeleine from Sweden

By Anonymous Tanyk, at July 26, 2010 at 10:44 PM  

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