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Monday, October 26, 2009 @ 5:30 PM
Give me KitKat.
the first berry random picture,

Yes, dumplings.
guess what. its made by me ok.
and it is berry delicious :)
inside got pork, prawn, century eggs(!!!!) & some onions.
honestly I am a good chef.


had few hours shopping time with mother at Midvalley last weekend.
wah! those nice clothes, shoes & bags are totally captured my eyes!
I want all of them!

Zara berry worthy tops!
2 for only RM69.90!
bloody worth!
I rmb last time I got another 2 tops at RM69.90 also!

& there was a Lancome roadshow at LG floor,
thumbs up for Lancome products.
(and thumbs up for their prices wtf -____-)

mom bought her new Lancome facial wash while I got my make up remover.
400 ml RM145!
well worth!
we got a pair of color lens while we purchase more than RM150.
but no power one, how could I wear =____=

Lancome got a skincare product worth RM500.
neh the gold color one.
would you buy a skincare product at RM500 ah?
how to buy you tell me.

mother always said me that I got 120348 bags,
I admit I got so much bags but I tempted to buy more I dono why!
girls are always like that! *dont tell me you wont
what also want more!
no matter clothes,shoes,cosmetics,skincare,bags!
will you like that a? keep spending money on those unnecessary things! my god.

anyway, my new love(L)

from Charles & Keith.

need to jimat liao.
cannot spend too much.


Kinki's bufday celebration in the next day at Sg Wang.

Happy bufday to all October babies!

p/s Craving for more Kit Kat. but I think its blooody exp.


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