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Sunday, October 18, 2009 @ 6:30 PM
Metrojaya Shopping Fest.
Yesterday mother,sisters and I were went to Midvalley shop a bit :)
I want get that hot pink Nike sneaker.
I want get that RM139.90 Charles & Keith bag.


You give me either one I also very happy liao.
& &
Metrojaya having a warehouse sale now :D

credits to:

up to 70%!
of cos faster go in and grab everything I want la!
unfortunately there aren't many things I want / tend to buy.
most of the clothes are in very big size like L / XL / XXL.
I only got a deep green tight and this is quite came as a surprise to me.
I thought I will buy many many things, but No.

I bought few things in the cosmetics & fragrances department.
those cosmetics are so super extremely cheap!!! T_____T
got brands like Revlon, ZA, Fasio, Silky Girl, Fcuk etc etc even Stila!

Fasio eye shadow palette only RM20!
I want get a eyeshadow palette so loi liao.
it is gold & brown color somemore!

Revlon Sweet Nothings 720, only RM5!!!!
wtf wtf cheaper than Etude house!

Silky Girl Ever Glossy 30, 37 & 39.
guess how much is it?
RM3 only!!!

I tell you hor, Fasio mascara hor, RM 10 only lor.
I want buy one, but hor, finish black color liao. left brown color only.
and hor, there's also got Hello Kitty brand lor.
got handcream ah, lipgloss ah, shower gel ah.
I couldn't get one lor cos hor many people grab lor.

ZA also got many many cheap things lor.
their liquid foundation hor, RM12 only lor.
like wtf lor.

ZA True White Lotion & Emulsion
Fyi hor, emulsion is apply after lotion lor.
actually hor lotion is toner, emulsion also known as lotion lor.
very fuk zap hor?
ah these 2 things only cost me RM28 each lor.

Happy Deepavali ^^


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