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Saturday, October 10, 2009 @ 12:34 PM
Never too busy to be beautiful part 5.
Before I start my nails tutorial, let's introduce my new nail color baby from Etude House ^^

*I took this pic after done my nails, no surprise liao :/*

I love the design of the nail color from Etude House,
its so girly!
pink PINK PINK !
I want grab more colors from E.H.
RM5.90 each!

the color is so chio, I'm gonna use this color in this time nail tutorial.

ready? Start :)
today I'm gonna teach ya all draw animal prints on nails :)
erm I'm nt sure what the animal prints is, Zebra maybe? heh

A. Etude House PK 007
B. Elianto Twilight Zone
C. Elianto Shine Opal
D. Sally Hansen Super SHine Top Coat

First step, apply fst layer of A.
wait it dry then apply second layer of A.

*I was eating choco ice cream while waiting it dry, YUMS*

here is the formula of drawing the black color line.
you can use the nail art brush to draw it.
or you can use the actual brush of the nail color if you want challenge yourself LOL

like this.

after done drawing all nails, wait it dry then apply C on it.
last step is apply the top coat to complete the nail.

^^ shiny shiny animal prints!

erm its not leopard ok.
its ZEBRA.

* A joke happened while I deco-ing my nails;
Me: Do you know what animal is this?*showing her my nails*
Youngest sis: erm is it leopard?
Me: NO! its zebra!
Youngest sis: ZEBRA???
Me: Yes, ZE-BRA.
Youngest sis: JIP-BRA?! you go 'jip-bra' la *its mean lipat your bra LMAO*


its abit hard to draw the line using left hand.
urgh my left hand is so retarded ;/

finally done this post!!
hope you all like it ^^


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