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Sunday, November 22, 2009 @ 10:01 PM
fast ah?

I know the title is so annoyed.
Time flies so fucking fast.
now already end of November T____________T
Christmas is around the corner *yay!
I love Christmas songs! sounds so peace *angel is flying around me
anyway, anyone wanna gifts me Christmas present ah?
or change gift with me ^^
I will very happy one. hahaha

I felt that my weekends is so bored T_______T
wanna hang out but no money, pokai T_________T
wanna watch A Christmas Carol now instead of 2012 =__________=
cos too many ppl are edi watch 2012!!!!
I already heard so many ppl telling me the story line!
wtf wtf no interest liao. but if you wanna date me for 2012 I also no prob one.

recently the weather is so freaking cold.
and I heard that Msia will snowing in future? LOL *2012? WTF WTF
then I can buy more winter coat or something ^^

this kind of weather very easy to get flu *like me, sneezing
take care of yourself :)


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