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Saturday, November 28, 2009 @ 4:08 PM
Hua Mu Lan.
an outing with Sora and Carrie at Timesquare on Friday.
Public holiday!
gosh! ts was packed with people.
even carpark was so full :S

watched Mulan instead of A Christmas Carol because its full.

couldn't find Malaysia version poster, and I found this.
quite scary lor this poster.
overall the storyline is quite different with the cartoon version.
but ok also la.
not bad not bad.

I quite happy today because my bun is so nice!
the first time I bun-ed it so pretty, nice, successfully, glam, gorgeous.......hahahah

at Kitschen trying an outfit.

nice or not?
forgot its price already.
I want T_T

gonna bring my mom to ts liao.
saw a pair of fur shoe is so fucking cute <3
and a lot of <3 cardigans, shirts, dress blah!
no $$$$$$ then T______________T

P.s. what you all going to do on Christmas? plan for me ok ah?


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